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Health & Wellness Programs
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Health & Wellness Journey

The Health Education Department of HCPIPA is committed to promoting health and wellness through educational programs offered throughout the community. Our programs are designed to help the attendee identify health risk factors and to apply the principles of preventive health care.

Our program includes one-on-one and group sessions with qualified professionals. Information is available to answer most of your health care questions. For more information on available health education programs, or to schedule an appointment with a health educator:

Contact our Health Education Department at 516-746-2200. Your questions are always important to us.

Managing Our Health

A one time session that explains the different types of arthritis. Learn the effects of the most current medication treatment plans and options for pain management.

Learn proper use of medication, how to identify common triggers of asthma episodes, and how to avoid them. Special pediatric sessions addressing the special needs of children under the age of 16 are offered.

Cholesterol Management
Cholesterol – What is it? How does it affect your body? Diet and exercise can reduce your cholesterol. Learn how.

Stroke Prevention
Identifying risk factors. Guide to preventing strokes, vascular diseases and heart attacks.

Diabetes Management
Living with diabetes. Family members are welcome to attend this important class.

High Blood Pressure Management
High blood pressure can affect your body in ways you may not be aware. Help yourself take control of this potentially deadly disease.

Quality of Life

Stress Management
Learn how to manage your stress and the affect it has on your body. This class will teach you relaxation techniques as well as ways to build up your resistance to stress.

Smoking Cessation
Breaking free from a smoking addiction is a challenge, but stopping may be life saving! This one time session focuses on four steps to help you quit smoking.

Healthy Living
Taking control of your health through behavior modification, healthy eating, exercise, and stress management.

Breast Cancer Awareness Education Classes
Facing the fear of breast cancer. Emphasis on early detection through breast cancer screening through the use of self breast examination and screening mammography

Parenting Workshops

Living with Toddlers
Helping parents understand toddler development and temperament, and develop realistic expectations for their behavior.

Guiding Toddler Behavior
This workshop offers parents practical ideas for disciplining young children, and how to create a ‘yes’ environment.

Coping with Toilet Learning
Helpful guide to successful toilet learning.

Fun & Learning: The Importance of Play
Child’s play is more than just play - it is how children learn. Discover stimulating games and songs for infants and toddlers that will aid in their development.

Families in the Fast Lane
Helping parents slow down and find time for family talk and fun. Simplify your lifestyle to make it more family-friendly.

Winning Ways to Talk with Children
Communicating effectively with your child at each stage of their development. Learn how to avoid communication problems and be a better listener.

Help Your Child Succeed in School
Learning to support school success by helping children learn how to plan, use time wisely, study and take tests. Learn how to build effective homework routines, communicate with teachers and deal with problems like school stress, underachievement and failure.

What Parents Need to Know About Bullying
Bullying is a serious problem. Learn the difference between bullying and friendly teasing and how to protect your child from bullies.

Discipline is Not a Dirty Word
Positive discipline means helping children learn self-control and problem solving. Discover ways to correct and guide a child’s behavior using positive methods.

Teen-Parent Communication:What Works?
Building a more positive and satisfying relationship with your teenager through respectful and effective communication.

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