Healthcare Partners Management Service Organization has multiple opportunities available for experienced and dedicated team players.

Who We Are
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HealthCare Partners, IPA and HealthCare Partners
Management Services Organization

comprise a health care delivery system with a team of more than 170 full-time employees.

We have been active in the New York Metropolitan Area since 1996, and are now one of the largest physician-owned independent physician associations (IPA) in the Northeast. Our delivery network includes nearly 4,000 physicians and other health care providers rendering services to our members throughout the greater NYC area.  Our success is due to our innovative leadership, which has earned us recognition within the health care industry.

We have been innovative in a number of ways:

• In the special programs we have developed for our patient members.

• In the tools we provide for our network physicians to help them succeed in
providing quality care and service.

• In our pioneering approach as an intermediary between health plans and
physicians to better coordinate and manage the health care services provided
to our members.

Our mission is to provide quality care, service and support to our patient members through our network of highly skilled partner physicians who share our vision and commitment. In a world where health care is constantly evolving and the challenges often seem insurmountable, our simple promise is to be the “Strongest Link to Quality Care” for our physicians and our members.

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