Healthcare Partners Management Service Organization has multiple opportunities available for experienced and dedicated team players.

Our Team
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Leaders in Health Care Since 1996

HealthCare Partners has developed a team approach to healthcare. The team consists of the member,
the health plan, the physician and HealthCare Partners, the coordinator and manager of the health care
services throughout the system.

An individual becomes a member by first selecting one of our contracted health plans. The next step for
the member is to choose one of the primary care physicians within the HealthCare Partners network.
The health plan will provide the member with an identification card, with the name of their selected
primary care physician. HealthCare Partners is responsible for the management of the member’s
care, including referrals to specialists, hospitalization and claim processing.

We pride ourselves on selecting not only the most qualified, but also the most dedicated individuals to join the HealthCare Partners team. Team members are focused on serving our members by facilitating the delivery of high quality care. Our team consists of:

– Credentialing
– Provider Services
– Contracts


– Case Managers
– Utilization Management


– Claims Operations
– Member Inquiries


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